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Field Maintenance Tip of the Day: Raking Base Paths!

Today’s tips is about raking base paths. 

Rakes should be used on the base paths (in addition to mainaining them by hand).

TIP: When raking your base paths, do NOT rake across the path. Rake up and down along the length of the path.

Raking across the path can cause a low spot to develop down the middle of the path. 



Field Maintenance Tip of the Day: Base Paths Continued!

Our field maintenance tip of the day is a continuation of yesterday’s information on base paths!

An important tip to maintaining your base paths is to remove any white chalk material with a shovel prior to raking. This will keep the clay more stable and not cause a hump, or raised area, down in the middle of the baseline.

With that said, look back tomorrow for BTF’s tips on raking your base paths!



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