Pod-Cast: Jackie Robinson Day

ImageSunday marks the anniversary of Jackie Robinson walking onto Ebbets field as first baseman for The Brooklyn Dodgers. He broke the color barrier of Major League Baseball. Prior to Robinson, baseball had been a segregated sport for over 50 years. Allan H. (Bud) Selig, the Commissioner of Baseball stated, “When Jackie Robinson took the field in Brooklyn sixty-five years ago, he transcended the sport he loved and helped change our country in the most powerful way imaginable.”

MLB is commemorating Jackie Robinson Day with a league-wide anniversary recognition celebration. All MLB players and on field personnel will wear the number 42, youth baseball and softball clinics will be held in different communities through the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program and Clubs will hold special ceremonies at MLB ballparks throughout the country.

Commissioner Selig states, “It is a privilege for Major League Baseball to celebrate Jackie’s enduring legacy each year, and we are proud that every April 15th, our young fans around the world have an opportunity to learn everything that the Number 42 stands for – courage, grace and determination.”

In celebration of Jackie Robinson Day, Austin RBI is hosting a free clinic along with a Pitch, High & Run Competition. The event is being held at past Baseball Tomorrow Fund grant recipient, Austin Reagan High School. Reagan High School was chosen in May of 2010 as the MLB Groundskeepers’ annual renovation service project where each year, the MLB Groundskeepers go into a community and renovate a selected baseball field in need of repair. The completion of the renovated playing surface and upgraded facilities was celebrated on January 11, 2011.

The clinic held at Austin Reagan on April 15, 2012 will celebrate an important day in history while also showcasing the importance of continued support to youth baseball and softball.

Jackie Robinson’s Nine Values to Live By:

  1. Courage: Doing what you know is the right thing even when it is hard to do
  2. Determination: Staying focused on a plan even though the path to its end may be difficult
  3. Teamwork: Working with other people toward a common goal
  4. Persistence: Working toward a goal and continuing to move forward even though you face obstacles or barriers
  5. Integrity: Sticking to your values, regardless of what others think you should do
  6. Citizenship: Making a contribution that improves the lives of others
  7. Justice: Treating all people fairly, no matter who they are
  8. Commitment:  Making a promise and following through on it
  9. Excellence: Doing the best that you possibly can

Weigh in on Facebook and Twitter to tell us what you think of Jackie’s Nine Values or tell us a few values you live by.

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