An Intern’s Perspective: Panelists Give Interns Career & Life Advice

Tim Brosnan

Tim Brosnan, MLB Executive VP, Business

I am truly fortunate to have worked for two top organizations in the sports industry—ESPN and now MLB—that do everything possible to make a summer internship experience anything but ordinary. The intern/recruitment coordinators at MLB (and ESPN) do an awesome job of packing the summer full of helpful speakers, fun events and informational sessions about the industry. So when I leave here, not only will I have relevant work experience to add to my resume, but I’ll have heard real world advice, seen true corporate culture and learned tips and tricks from top professionals in the field.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve attended three panels and presentations featuring executives from MLB as well as other organizations. While I can’t go into detail about each speaker, I do want to highlight a few takeaways from each event.

Last week, the interns and I heard from Tim Brosnan, MLB’s Executive Vice President for Business and member of the Baseball Tomorrow Fund Board of Directors. Telling the story of his start in Baseball, Tim demonstrated how his passion set him apart and ultimately got him a job with MLB. In his first interview with the company, Brosnan told his interviewer he would do anything—even scrubbing toilets as a janitor—to get his foot in the door, and that once he was in, he would prove his worth.

On Wednesday, Paul Archey, Senior Vice President of International spoke to us about his role with MLB. Archey talked about MLB’s international reach and objectives, focusing mainly on the World Baseball Classic. Started in 2006, the WBC is a way for players around the world to showcase their skills and take pride in their country in a setting of friendly competition. It brings together people from different backgrounds and cultures who share one common thread: a love of the game of baseball.

Thursday night, we attended a session featuring a seasoned panel of experts with a combined 100+ years of experience in the field. Panelists from ESPN, NBC Sports and MTV Networks, among others, gave career development advice to the MLB interns and other young professionals in the audience. Topics included resume building, interview questions, proper use of social media and the importance of networking.

While the entire session was packed with great information, I have to touch on one bit of advice from Joe Franco, Manager of University Recruiting at ESPN, who I got to know during my time there last summer. Among past and present ESPN interns, Joe is famous for this quote: “Don’t just meet expectations; Exceed Expectations!”

Hearing from Tim Brosnan, Paul Archey and Joe Franco reminds me (as it should remind interns everywhere) how lucky I am to already have my foot in the door with a great company. Now, it’s up to me to prove my worth: by going above and beyond what’s expected, taking advantage of every opportunity set before me, learning everything I can about all aspects of MLB (our exciting international efforts, for example) and ultimately, standing out by exceeding the expectations of everyone I come into contact with.

As I continue to garner advice and knowledge like this throughout the summer, I’ll be sure to share it with you all through my blog postings. Hopefully, through my posts, others can learn from my experience, too!


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