Field maintenance tip of the day: It is a good idea to have a game day written field maintenance plan, here’s an example of a checklist to use!

Day of Game Routine:
1. Remove tarpaulins
2. Mow the grass
3. Scarify the skinned areas with a spiker
4. Drag the skinned areas smooth
5. Water the infield area
6. Sweep and clean dugouts
7. Set the chalk lines and mark officially
8. Place the batting practice pitcher’s mat on the mound
9. Place the safety screens: pitcher, first base and second base
10. Paint or wash bases, pitching plate and home plate
11. Prepare the bullpens
12. Hang flags on the foul line poles and flagpole
13. Check the operation of the field lights
14. Check the operation of the scoreboard
15. Prepare the press box and operation of the public address system
16. Check the operation of the electrical equipment in the concession stand
17. Clean and prepare the locker rooms and umpire rooms
18. Dispose of trash found in and around field and bleacher areas

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